We all know the importance of having a social media presence, and that becomes increasingly more important every day. Over 1.8 billion people have social media accounts. Here in the U.S., the majority of the population – 67% – have accounts.

Establishing your presence isn’t enough. In fact, some would argue it’s more damaging to have and outdated, inactive account than nothing at all. So once you’ve created your account, you need to keep it regularly updated with relevant, engaging content.

One of the most critical pieces of your content strategy is the visual aspect of your content. Remember this old rule of thumb: your remember 10% of what you hear, 20% of what you read, and 80% of what you see and do.

In addition, your content is has some tough competition when it comes to grabbing the attention of your target audience. Adding a compelling visual or two will help your content stand out from the pack. Let’s be honest, opening an email or blog post to see a wall of text coming at you is not compelling.

Before you start thinking, “But I’m not a graphic designer,” or “I can’t afford to hire a graphic designer,” check out the list of FREE tools below that will help you create graphics like the best of them!


There are a ton of free tools to help you get started with design that don’t require any technical knowledge. Check out canva, picmonkey and pixlr to get started, or run a quick search to find the tool that works best for you.



Looking for the perfect photo to capture your content theme? Sometimes all you need is a standard stock image, and sometimes you need something a little more versatile. Check out death to stock photo and picjumbo for inspiration.


Charts and Infographics

Help your data tell a better story by building charts and infographics! People are more likely to remember what they can see, and an eye-catching infographic on social media is the perfect way to deliver digestible information, and provoke more clicks to your site. Try infogr.am, piktochart or venngage to get started.

These are just a few resources available out there – get creative and explore other ways to spice up your content. Let us know what works best for you!