If you don’t already agree this is the most wonderful time of the year, here are the facts to prove it. There are twinkling lights that add additional sparkle around every street corner, there is the festive scent of peppermint constantly floating through the air, and there is nothing like the magic of watching the first snowflakes of the year float softly to the cold ground below. Children all over the world wait patiently for a jolly man in a red suit so climb carefully down their chimney delivering the gifts they have been patiently waiting for, and families near and far gather to celebrate the occasion that brings us all a little closer together.

While there is no denying the special moments the season brings, there is also no hiding from the stress that comes with this very busy time of the year. While you may begin to see signs of your business slowing down, the clients you are currently working with are working on a tight schedule, making your job slightly more challenging. Below are some of the tips you need to know when helping your clients host an open house during the holiday season:

  • Make Safety a Priority: As we all know, winter is not the safest season for travel. While there is only so much you can do, ensuring the exterior of the home is shovelled and salted will go a long way in ensuring visitors stay safe on their way in the home.
  • Keep Décor Minimal: Showing off your clients holiday spirit in their home décor is always a fun tradition, but when it comes to selling, it’s best to keep it minimal. By adding a few lights and simple décor, they will create a more elegant and sophisticated look, while also being mindful of potential buyers who may not celebrate the holidays the same way your clients do.
  • Create a Cozy Vibe: There is nothing quite like walking into a cozy home during the holiday season. Not only will it make potential buyers feel welcome, it will help them picture themselves in the cozy space you have created.
  • Go Light on Lights: We have all seen the holiday movies where home owners go a little bit overboard when it comes to holiday lights. Instead of encouraging your clients to become them, share the benefits of keeping the lights to a minimum. Not only will it be more visually appealing, but it will help create the cozy vibe mentioned above.
  • Be Mindful of the Tree: If a holiday tree is a tradition your clients enjoy during the holidays, there is no reason to skip it simply because they are selling! However, being mindful of the size in comparison to the room, and ensuring the décor is not too overwhelming will help ensure it doesn’t turn off any potential buyers.
  • Make it Smell Nice: Last but certainly not least, make use of the festive scents that are everywhere during the holiday season. Whether it is a fresh batch of sugar cookies, the familiar scent of a fresh cut tree, or a dose of peppermint, scent is a popular way to make a house feel like a home which is a sure way to appeal to holiday buyers.

While selling during this busy time of year may be overwhelming, these tips will help you keep clients calm and ready for anything as they approach their open house. Share these tips with your holiday sellers, and comment below with any tips you have for hosting a successful open house during the holiday season.