It’s a brand new year! Statistically, over half of adult North Americans will start their year by making a list of New Years resolutions. Almost always the two most popular resolutions are to lose weight and to get organized. We can’t help you with your weight loss goals, but we can help you organize your online resources!

While it’s easy to remember to organize your closets and drawers, and clean out your car, we often overlook our social media sites. This is a great time of year to shed those nuisance groups and remove those time wasting notifications. This allows you to spend your online time more effectively.

To help you narrow it down, we’ve created a list of the top online resources available to RE/MAX professionals. Each of these resources will help you stay up to date and grow your business.

  1. RE/MAX Play Facebook Group: This group is for RE/MAXers to discuss all things real estate video. Video is an extremely powerful tool to help you grow your real estate business, and there is so much we can all learn from each other. This is not a place for self promotion or ego, but a safe place for asking questions and sharing your videos for constructive feedback. (RE/MAX Exclusive)
  1. RE/MAX Referral Network Facebook Group: A group for RE/MAX Agents to connect and find agents for referrals. DO: Introduce yourself, add your other RE/MAX Peeps into the group, have fun with your connections and give/receive referrals! DON’T:  post your listings and please, no sales pitches. (RE/MAX Exclusive)
  1. RE/MAX Tech Masters Facebook Group: The RE/MAX Tech Masters Closed Facebook Group is an online forum for RE/MAX associates to discuss technology that impacts our business. NOTE: this group is often more focused on US tech issues (RE/MAX Exclusive)
  1. RE/MAX Tech Talk Facebook Group: This group has been set up to facilitate discussion about technology between agents, brokers, and regional staff. If you’ve discovered something cool that you want to share or hit a hurdle, feel free to post it here. NOTE: This group is international and includes RE/MAXers from all over the globe. It is moderated by the RE/MAX INTEGRA tech & training teams. (RE/MAX Exclusive)
  1. Camp RE/MAX: Annual online training series led by RE/MAX INTEGRA, focusing on trending topics and helpful tips to help heat up your business each summer! Like this page to browse older episodes, and be notified when new episodes are scheduled. Open to everyone.
  1. RE/MAX R4 2016 Facebook Group: Join the conversation, plan your week at R4, stay in the know about parties and events, and network with other R4 attendees. This is the place to be if you are attending R4!
  1. RE/MAX INTEGRA Under 30’s Facebook Group: Are you 30’s and under? Join the conversation with other Millennials in this group! Share ideas, solve problems and mastermind virtually with your peers. (RE/MAX INTEGRA Exclusive)
  1. What Should I Spend My Money On? Facebook Group: As you plan your yearly expenses, use this group as a great resource to ask questions about tools, products, vendors and subscriptions. Open to everyone.
  1. RE/MAX regional Facebook page & Regional Blog: Learn everything you need to know about events, technology, and what is happening within the region on our regional blogs where you can easily register for events, and our regional Facebook Page where you can get the latest updates and join the conversation.
  1. MobileAgentTV: Get cutting edge insights into the Real Estate industry from RE/MAX agents coast to coast, and around the world! Catch up on nearly 100 episodes, or subscribe to watch new episodes live!  Open to everyone.

Don’t forget, many of these groups are specific to RE/MAX Associates, so it is very important for you to share that you are with RE/MAX in your “About” section on Facebook so Administrators will give you access to the groups!