There are many things to look forward to towards the end of the year. Not only is it the holiday season, it is the one time of year RE/MAX INTEGRA Director of Training, Valerie Garcia, hosts her highly anticipated annual webinar “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”. If you were unable to catch it, you can watch below or take a look at our top takeaways!

The Good:

  • Share the Good: At the end of the day, real estate is about people, and you regularly go out of your way to impress your buyers and sellers. Whether it’s ensuring they have a clean fridge full of ice cream and champagne, or providing them with a creative keepsake they will have forever, these simple tasks go a long way in sharing how much you care about your clients.
  • Get Visual: How many times have you caught yourself reading a post on social media strictly because the image that accompanied it caught your eye? This is a sure way to stop your audience in their track, and Ben & Jerry’s does a great job showing us how it’s done!
  • It’s Personal: If you attended RE/MAX INTEGRA events or webinars throughout 2015, you probably heard DiGiorno Pizza mentioned. After impressing Val on Twitter during the televised Sound of Music, she regularly mentioned them in social media training sessions. After hearing about this, they sent her a special package as a thank you. Social media gives consumers the unique opportunity to connect with their favourite brands in a more personal setting, and this is a great example of the power of engagement.
  • Video Joy: We continue to hear how important video is in your marketing strategy, and it isn’t going anywhere in 2016! Whether it’s a personalized video, or a short video with a call to action, video is the way to go to capture your audience’s attention.
  • Sharing is Caring: Similarly to sharing your good news stories, you can also involve the kids when dealing with new homebuyers and sellers. Whether its having an additional contract there for them to sign, or allowing them to help put up the sold sign, capturing and sharing these moments is a sure way for you to attract engagement from your audience.

The Bad:

  • What Happens Online Stays Online: Unlike Vegas, what happens on the Internet stays there! Saying negative things about your clients or there home will likely come back to haunt you.
  • The Groupie: Have you shared something interesting on your personal page? Don’t be the guy who also shares it in each of the groups you’re a member of! Chances are, your audience has already seen it and will start to get irritated.
  • Chicken Dinner: If you need to pay people to attend your open house, you may have some more additional work to do! Getting creative in your strategy is always encouraged, but avoid hosting contests that mean you are paying your clients to attend.
  • Humblevent: We have all heard of the humblebrag, but what about the dreaded humblevent? We all have bad days and difficult clients, but sharing about it on social media is not the answer.
  • Make it Stop: Creating an online presence where your clients can easily find you is essential to your success. That being said, you don’t need to be everywhere! The line is especially drawn when it comes to using Tinder to promote your business!

The Ugly:

  • Overexposed: If you are going to be talking about something that you are selling, make sure you are taking the best possible photo. You also don’t always have to be in it.
  • No Such Thing as a Free Lunch: We have all seen the posts prompting us to post something based on a law or convention in order for Facebook to not share everything we are sharing, but it’s simply not true.
  • Just No: Capitalizing on bad news, whether it be an international terrorist attack or on a smaller scale, is just wrong. Not only that, but it is a bad representation of the people in our industry.
  • Click Bait: Stop giving in to click bait! The actual term for this is “like farming” which allows scammers to trick you into commenting on a post to make the it popular. They will then send this to scammers with the Facebook information of everyone who liked or commented on it.
  • Outrage[ous]: let’s stop publicly calling out mishaps in real estate marketing! Some ideas aren’t always the best, and publicly shaming the ones who may not make the best decision needs to stop. Everyone makes mistakes!

A Challenge for 2016!

Throughout the next twelve months, before posting on social media, ask yourself if what you are posting adds value. If the answer is no, think about how it can be revised to make it more positive, or if it is something that is better left off of social media.

We look forward to seeing all the great things we know you will be sharing throughout the year, and we look forward to seeing who makes the list of The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly at the end of 2016!