As we embark on another year, the time to start fresh and make positive change is now. In a world where your every move can be documented throughout many social media platforms, building your brand and a positive online reputation is more important than ever.

There are many draws to being part of the RE/MAX network. Not only are we home to over 100,000 top producing sales associates, but we give you the freedom to build and run your own successful business, while having a strong and well-established brand standing firmly behind you. See the tips below to learn how you can build up your own personal brand, while using the iconic red, white, and blue symbol to help you reach success.

Think of Yourself as a Brand: Building your brand begins first by determining what you want people to associate with you and your name. Be conscious of the image you are portraying on social media, in your marketing pieces, and in your community. Is there a certain market, demographic, or community you focus on? Brand yourself as the expert on that subject and use that to build your brand.

Provide Value: You have probably come across content on social media from others in the industry that makes you stop and wonder what they were thinking, whether that be in a positive or negative light. Make a list of the content you enjoy seeing, and what you don’t like to help you build your strategy. Ensuring you are providing value in everything you do will help you build your brand not only as a real estate professional, but as an expert on the topics you are posting about.

Use the RE/MAX Brand: When creating your marketing material, it is important to consider what your audience wants to see. Rather than posting stock images your audience can spot from a mile away, try posting interesting images with a small branded RE/MAX logo in the corner that allows people to see who you are, without it looking like an ad.

Be Consistent: Ensure your brand is recognizable by keeping a clear and consistent strategy across all your marketing pieces. Whether it is keeping a consistent colour scheme, a consistent layout, or a consistent tone of voice, having something your audience can recognize will help you become more well known in your community.

Are you looking for help when it comes to creating your branded marketing materials? Visit RE/MAX Launchpad where we have all the resources you need to help you build and maintain a consistent brand so you can continue to grow your successful business.