We are approaching one of the busiest times of the year for real estate professionals, meaning spare time is a rare commodity. When your day-to-day schedule is full of listing presentations, open houses, client meetings, and more, sometimes taking the time to build and maintain your client relationships falls short to basic human needs like eating dinner! While this is completely understandable, it is one of the many ways that RE/MAX Launchpad is here to help!

With tools like Top Producer, Contactually, and BombBomb, building and maintaining your relationships with your clients has never been easier! See below for just some of the ways these tools can help you, all with a single sign-on through RE/MAX Launchpad.

Top Producer: Building relationships with your past and current clients is one of the best ways for you to ensure repeat business. Not only does it help you increase sales and generate leads, prospects, and referrals, it also helps you manage your contacts and clients. If you want to start turning your leads into clients, this is the tool that will help you do it! Here are some of the benefits you get:

  • Lead notifications via text or email
  • Simplify your follow up with suggestions on the clients you should touch base with on any given day
  • Create compelling personalized content
  • Access on the go with this tool that is compatible with the systems you already know and love!

Contactually: Get the most of the relationships you have worked hard to build with Contactually! This is a web based CRM tool that helps you maximize your network ROI, get more referrals, and gain more repeat business. See the benefits below:

  • Make following up fast, and easy to remember
  • Easily connect with the tools you currently rely on in your business including Gmail, Outlook, BombBomb and more.
  • Don’t waste time trying to learn how to use this tool on your own! Get answers to all your questions daily joining the daily Office Hours webinar, and with step-by-step how to’s

BombBomb: There is nothing like a personalized video to help you build stronger relationships with your clients. Whether it is a short message throughout their home buying process, or a quick thank-you video once their journey is complete, BombBomb is the way to go above and beyond to ensure your clients are satisfied.

  • It’s easy! Quickly and easily record your video message wherever you are
  • You are able to choose whether you would like to send your video to an individual for a more personalized experience, or to an entire group.
  • Track when your video is opened, played, and whether or not people are clicking the links to track your success.

Start exploring these tools and the many other helpful tools in RE/MAX Launchpad by clicking the button below!

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