As a real estate professional, it is your job to be the expert on all things related to the real estate industry. Whether working with buyers or sellers, or in a niche market, your clients expect you to know your stuff, and you continually work hard to stay on top of the latest trends and information. At RE/MAX, this expectation goes even further. On top of being the expert on the industry, you are the expert on the city, neighborhood, and community you work in.

In the last couple weeks, you may have seen our brand new ads popping up in your travels. They share the “Go With Those Who Know” message that drives home the idea above, and also dive a little deeper by sharing that we are experts on specific cities. To help share that you know your community, we want to help you create your own cover photos!

We have just added the brand new cover photos to RE/MAX Design Center so you can create your own Facebook Cover Photos quickly and easily!

To create your own cover photo. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into Design Center, and choose “Web Ad”
  2. Select the design you would like to create
  3. Input the project name, description, and folder you would like the design to live in
  4. Type in the location name you would like to appear on your cover photo
  5. Once it is complete, click “Publish to Web”
  6. Click the size option (100% is recommended!)
  7. Click “Publish as Image”
  8. Copy/Paste the link provided on the next browser, then save the image as a JPG to your desktop
  9. Log into Facebook, and click the camera icon in the top left corner
  10. Select “Upload Photo” and select the photo from your desktop

We look forward to seeing these brand new cover photos on your Facebook Page now that they are available on RE/MAX Design Center!

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