In the 365 days that make up a year, you fill your days with client meetings, home showings, listing presentations and more. You keep yourself educated by attending training sessions, reading books and online articles, and building and growing your network. There isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t live and breathe your business while adapting and evolving to the ever-changing real estate industry. Through it all, one thing that remains constant is the year-long countdown to the largest RE/MAX event of the year, RE/MAX R4.

This year, there were over 6,000 agents in attendance from 62 countries, and although it’s easy to get distracted by the numbers, in the words of RE/MAX Founder Dave Liniger, “It’s not who has the most agents, but who has the best agents.”  It is the educational sessions, networking opportunities and people at RE/MAX R4 that are the building blocks necessary to create the best in the industry. See below for the top takeaways and highlights from our RE/MAX INTEGRA Regional Office leaders:


Valerie Garcia

RE/MAX INTEGRA Director of Training

The below is just one of Val’s top takeaways, make sure you read her full R4 Recap here!

We let fear stop us, a lot. In the super session,

 spoke about the art of “getting naked” with your clients. He shared that naked service is simply about the ability to be vulnerable and to take risks such as telling the truth, being embarrassed and daring to ask dumb questions. When Patrick started to take questions from the audience, a clear pattern arose: everyone started their questions with “yeah, but what if….” You see, we KNOW what we need to do. Again, we let fear stand in our way, a lot. Patrick himself said, “people need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed.” It’s a matter of reminding ourselves to stop being afraid.


Elizabeth Kuhn

VP of Marketing & Promotions

This was the best lineup of keynote speakers I have seen at R4 in years!  Patrick Lencioni, Mel Robbins and General McChrystal were the perfect combination of inspiration and motivation, keeping me engaged the entire time. They shared their challenge and the solutions to overcome those challenges with a combo of perseverance, critical thinking and grit.  Their three hours’ of insights were well worth the price of admissions.


Shelby Schneider-McDonald

Director of PR & Communications

Brian Buffini continues to wow! Unless you have been living under a rock for the past several years, there is no doubt that if you are practicing in Real Estate, Brian Buffini has become a regular house hold name in this industry. The man is an icon and deservedly so. He continues to deliver rich and inspiring content and his keynote on Day 3 at R4 was no exception. Buffini focused on why emigrants (those who leave their home country to settle in another) have the upper edge and listed the seven reasons why they are successful.  What I really took away from it was a notion that can be applied to all — if you have a willingness to work hard, you will be rewarded for your efforts. In today’s world, it’s not enough to dream big and hope things fall into place. There is a lot of competition in our industry. However if you put in the time and effort, success will be just around the corner waiting for you. Now is good a time as ever! Go invest in yourself and do whatever it takes to get to your end goal!


David McFarlane

Director of Creative

There were two very good super-session speakers on Day 2 of RE/MAX R4. Mel Robbins’ talk was particularly compelling a she recruited real-live audience members, some not so willing, and incorporated them into her “5 Second Rule” discussion. R4 also gave me the opportunity to spend time with the RE/MAX INTEGRA network, including European colleagues who were able to provide insight into their marketing/branding strategies.  Lastly, LLC hosted a “Brand Summit” on the first day where they shared some new television spots that were well received. A valuable tip I took away from this session was the power of sharing and working collaboratively with other regional entities.


Graeme Canivet

Director of Information Technology

On the first day of RE/MAX R4, we had the opportunity to give our RE/MAX INTEGRA attendees the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at the RE/MAX Launchpad Productivity Suite and everything it has to offer. After months of taking on the challenge of implementing these new tools, or preparing to implement them in the case of our Canadian attendees, it was nice to have everyone in the same room and have a live Q&A with FiveStreet, Placester, BombBomb and DocuSign.


Dan Breault

RE/MAX INTEGRA, New England Regional Director

The best part of R4 is meeting with associates and friends that happens outside of the formal meetings. These are where ideas are kicked around, shared and challenged, and relationships are built that encourage sharing in the future. It is in these meetings that the “real stuff” happens that allows us to make positive change upon our return back to the real world post R4. On top of this there are the keynote speakers, including General Stanley McChrystal who was introduced by one of our New England Brokers, Jeff Wright, a fellow West Point grad. If I could share one piece of advice, it would be that R4 is what you make it. If you attend with the attitude that you’re going to give to and learn from others, you will, and you will also get some referral business!


Bonus Takeaways!

Mel Robbins: One of the speakers that got a lot of buzz at R4 was Mel Robbins. Elizabeth Kuhn said “had so many takeaways it was hard to choose” just one!  She is a motivational speaker with experience across a wide variety of industries. She began her career as a criminal defense attorney, and went on to sell a retail and internet technology company. She is now trusted to inspire growth by delivering multi-media and interactive keynotes that initiate change. One thing she said that stood out is: Feelings happen. Fear is a choice, and if you can choose between fear and excitement, choose excitement. Fear of the unknown triggers hesitation.

Click here to download key highlights and takeaways from Mel’s presentation!

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Whether you were able to attend RE/MAX R4 this year or not, we hope you were able to learn from these takeaways and look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas next year for RE/MAX R4 2017!