Although we live in a very big world, at times it can seem very small. Your referral business is built on “friends of friends” and making connections with the people around you. With the all-new, your small world is about to get a whole lot bigger!

The newly designed provides international exposure to your listings to buyers from all over the world. That means more leads and more referrals from the hundreds of thousands of unique global visitors to Not only that, but the ability to advertise listings to a global audience is one of the many advantages for your clients to work with a RE/MAX agent.

Additionally, as a RE/MAX agent you have the power of the most recognized and top-of-mind global brand behind you. In the 2016 RE/MAX vs. The Industry marketing piece, it’s in plain black and white that RE/MAX is the most recognized brand in the world, with the most offices in the most countries and the most productive agents across the globe.

These two valuable resources are exactly what you need to propel your business this spring. Sharing that you work for a powerful global brand is exactly what your clients need to know when choosing to work with you, and below are a few examples that will help you leverage these resources in your business:

• Whether it is a few statistics, or the entire flyer, these are excellent pieces to include in your listing presentation

• Are you looking for content to share on social media? These are a great place to start!

• Print out a few copies of each flyer, and hand them out at your next open house or community event.

• Create a quick, easy to share blog post on your website that shares why clients will benefit from a global, highly recognized brand.

Don’t forget to let us know how you plan on implementing these helpful tools in your business using the comments below!