As a real estate professional, each and every day you face challenges and obstacles that you have learned to tackle like a pro. Whether it is a difficult client, a competitive listing, or any number of potential roadblocks you run into, one of the biggest challenges you face is keeping up with technology that is constantly changing.

This May, our App of the Month is one that was previously used by a much younger audience, but is growing quickly among the 30-45 year old demographic: Snapchat! Before we go any further, let’s point out that when it comes to successfully tackling technology, you don’t have to do it all. If you are currently finding success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all three and don’t have time to add another platform to your strategy, don’t worry! It is important to keep in mind that you don’t need to do it all as long as you are doing what you do well!

If you don’t know what Snapchat is, chances are you have seen people using it. Maybe you’ve been in a coffee shop, at a sporting event, or have been walking through a public space and all you can see is people making funny faces, obviously taking a selfie. Now you know, they are likely taking a Snapchat! It is a photo-messaging app for iPhone and Android devices that allows you to take a photo or video and add text, drawings or filters. From there, you can set a time limit on the message, so your audience can view the photo or video anywhere from 1-10 seconds, or you can set a “story” that is viewable for 24 hours.

See below for some ideas that will help you get started using Snapchat for your real estate business:

  • Some millennials use Snapchat as often (or more!) than text messaging. When exchanging contact information, politely ask if they use Snapchat and if it would be their preferred method of communication to keep them updated on the house hunt.
  • If you are connected through Snapchat, instead of texting them about a listing that is available, you can easily send them a short video so they are actually able to see it!
  • Follow up once they have found their dream home with a quick shot of their new keys and a fun caption like “The Keys Are In!” to keep them excited and motivated throughout the whole process.
  • Keep past clients informed about exciting things happening in the community by snapping activities like parades, sales, and other community events. Don’t forget to use the app’s geo-filters so your audience knows where you are!

As you can see above, Snapchat is a fun tool that, if used correctly, can benefit your business. As always, keep in mind that if you are using this for your business, keep it separate from personal activities to ensure you are always being professional. Click the link below to get started using Snapchat today!