Free Placester Ebooks: Ultimate Buyer’s and Seller’s Guides

To help you generate, inform and nurture your real estate leads, download these free, customizable home buyer’s guide and seller’s guide ebooks from Placester, both of which offer numerous expert tips and tricks that can help buyers and sellers navigate the processes of searching the local market and listing their properties.

These instructional ebooks offer a wealth of distinct information about the intricacies of buying and selling homes in today’s real estate landscape — in other words, in-depth knowledge INTEGRA agents such as yourself can share via their websites, in email campaigns, and on social media.

Some of the essential advice already featured in both guides includes:

  • Personal finance guidance for prospective buyers, including how to obtain the best mortgage rates
  • Several reasons why sellers would be wise to hire a real estate agent to represent their home sale
  • All of the ways buyer’s agents help their clients search the local marketing and identify ideal properties
  • How to conduct the home search so buyers find the home of their dreams (and within their price range)
  • The art of negotiating the home sale price and working with a seller’s agent to close deals on their terms

The beauty of both of these guides, however, is you can also incorporate your own real estate expertise and local market knowledge to truly make the ebooks yours. Use the Keynote or PowerPoint versions of the guide to add in your own tips, thoughts, and information regarding how your niche audience can ensure their buying or selling experience is one they’ll remember for all the right reasons.

Download Your Free Buyer’s Guide Here and Your Seller’s Guide Here