RE/MAX INTEGRA, Midwest is proud to offer three, great, new marketing pieces to you – Behind the Balloon-Value Proposition Brochure, Connecting Agents to Clients-Technology Brochure, and Professional Development-Training Brochure. The information contained in them remind us all of the power of the RE/MAX brand and all the benefits available to you as a RE/MAX INTEGRA, Midwest agent.

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Downloadable PDFs

How can you use these three brochures to increase your business? Here are some ideas:

  • Take a page from the downloadable pdfs and include in your listing presentations. Show your prospective sellers the reach they will get by listBehind-the-Balloon-zoom-17ing with you.
  • Use snippets of information from the brochures as marketing tools on social media. Bring awareness to your network that RE/MAX will deliver more than 350 million branding impressions in 2016.
  • Leverage RE/MAX’s value proposition on your website: consumers can find your listing all over the world in more than 40 languages through
  • Get involved with your community through our Sports Affiliations and Children’s Miracle Network partnership. Community service is a great way to expand your network, make connections and gain leads—while making a difference!
  • Make use of all the training opportunities available. It’s proven that the more you learn, the more you earn!
  • Attend RE/MAX events! Experience and sharing knowledge are vital to sustaining success. Take advantage of the opportunities to attend events to Technology-Brochure-zoom-32brainstorm, collaborate, network and have fun!
  • Leverage all the great tools available to you as a RE/MAX agent—the Launchpad Productivity Suite, RISE, webinars, the RE/MAX mobile app and the discounts from our featured partners on apps, tools and training.

At RE/MAX INTEGRA, our focus is on you: how to help you become more productive and successful. Everything we offer you, from our in-office training to market share graphs, visibility reports, top agent listings, housing reports, apps of the month to relevant blog content is meant to encourage and increase your success.