Each month we provide you with detailed information about the hottest apps available in our App of the Month. More often than not, these apps help you win over clients with professional looking photography or video, or the app helps you host a successful open house, or it helps you manage your time and stay productive so you can provide your current clients with a positive experience. With these apps, we cover everything you need to know before and during the time you are working with a client, but what happens after you have already helped them buy their dream home?

With HomeKeepr for Pros, you are able to provide your clients with valuable information that will help you remain an asset to them long after closing. With this app that is branded for real estate professionals, you are able to send your past clients maintenance reminders for their new home, and it allows you to recommend vendors you prefer to work with to help your clients take care of their regular home maintenance. Below are some of the features you should know about:

  • You can personalize the app so your past clients receive maintenance reminders on your branded app
  • If there are trusted vendors you prefer to work with or recommend, you can easily share them with your network
  • Once your information is in the app, all you have to do is invite your clients to link up with you!
  • Easily access the app wherever you are with the mobile app

With multiple different plans for you to choose from, staying top of mind among your past clients has never been easier! With the opportunity to increase your referral business, position yourself as a local expert, and save yourself time and energy, this is one app that will not only benefit your business, but will help you enjoy your summer with one less thing to worry about!

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