Beautiful weather, bonfires and trips to the beach. Summer is upon us! If you take some time to travel with your family, it’s very likely that you’re going to explore new places filled with fresh sights, sounds and food, but how are you going to figure out what you’re going to see, hear and eat? Chances are you might spend some time on Google or TripAdvisor reading ratings, checking out photos and perhaps even watching videos on these different locations. After all, you want to know what you’re getting yourself into, right?

If you’re familiar with that experience, guess what? When your clients are searching for homes, they are doing the exact same thing to you!

searches online

99% Of All Home Searches Start Online

However, today’s consumer is not only researching homes. In fact, about 66% of consumers are extensively researching agents online before reaching out to them. Their first impression of you is actually being gathered before they meet you. When they’re searching for you, what are they finding? Is your visual presence encouraging attention or chasing it away?

first impression

Your Online Presence Is Your First Impression

Visuals included. In many cases, this is when your prospective client is making the decision to submit an inquiry to you or pursue other another’s services. While we call this “the age of the informed consumer,” that only refers to the amount of information the client has at their disposal, it doesn’t necessarily imply that consumers know what to do with that information. That’s why 92% of millennials use agents. That’s more than any other generation!

When clients are researching agents online, they’re looking for three core principles:

You might be thinking to yourself, “How do I convey those traits before they even meet me?” There are two easy things that you can do:

1. Update your headshot every two years. This time frame is frequent enough to cover changes in hairstyles and fashion. If you take a professional photo, wear appropriate attire, don’t overdo Photoshop and rid yourself of props.

2. Think about using video. Experts are predicting that by 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be mobile. Studies are already finding that buyers are watching a plethora of videos regarding their real estate needs.


Community/Market Videos
Percentage of buyers who watch these videos: 86%. What are they? Anything regarding the community. For example, a spotlight on local businesses or various features of a town/area, or it could simply be market data. The creation of these videos will help you get out there and meet people, while the end product will be helpful for both buyers and non-buyers in your community!
Listing Videos
Percentage of buyers who watch these videos: 70%. What are they? NOT a slideshow of pictures set to elevator music, but instead an actual walk-through of the property. Listing videos actually increase the amount of inquiries on a property and time spent on those listings by 400%!
How-To/Informational Videos
Percentage of buyers who watch these videos: 54%. What are they? Did you ever watch the show “This Old House” or “The Bob Vila Show?” The best part of those is that not only buyers, but also current homeowners can benefit from these. Nothing conveys honesty, trust and integrity more than giving helpful, and free, information!
Testimonial Videos
Percentage of buyers who watch these videos: 30%.
About Me/Us
Percentage of buyers who watch these videos: 25%. Use them for your teams!
Of all of these statistics, the most shocking is the percentage of agents who are actually using video: 3%. There is a ton of opportunity for you to go out there and do great things! Now, what are you going to do?