During the summer months, it can be difficult to convince your agents that spending time in a sales meeting will be more worthwhile than enjoying the summer sun. After all, setting up an outdoor office where you can enjoy the sounds of summer all day long is difficult to compete with, not to mention working around busy summer holiday schedules! With that being said, the tips below will help your agents not only want to join you at your monthly meeting, but will help them see the value in continuing to attend them in the future!

1. Discuss the importance of video marketing in real estate and its positive impact on client relationships. Recommend apps like Hyperlapse for their listings and Videolicous. Watch the video on RISE called “Videolicious App for iOS.”

2. Teach your agents how effective a Buyer Consultation can be and the benefits of qualifying a Buyer instead of just meeting them at the property. Find the article in RISE called “How to Conduct a Buyer Consultation” and discuss it with your agents.

3. Going paperless has become the new way of doing business in real estate. Discuss the benefits of using digital signatures and some of the great tools available to help. Watch the tutorial on RISE called “DocuSign: Digital Signatures on a Mobile Device.”

Don’t let the summer heat slow you down! Start making plans to use these tips today so you can ensure your next sales meeting is a success.