Finding the right real estate agent prospects to interview, hiring those premier sales reps, and retaining them for years to come are the goals of practically every broker working today, and it’s a process that can be improved by utilizing Placester’s new ebook for RE/MAX INTEGRA Broker/Owners.

From determining the criteria for the best agent fit for your particular office and meeting with candidates one-on-one, to bringing the cream-of-the-crop agents onboard and providing them the necessary resources and training, there are a lot of moving pieces to recruiting and retaining agents today. That’s where Placester’s exhaustive and handy guide comes into play.

In the 32-page ebook, the Placester team shares numerous tips and tricks to help you, our RE/MAX INTEGRA Broker/Owners, enhance your hiring practices. The book also gives you insights as to what the modern agent wants and needs from a brokerage, including:

  • How to sufficiently prepare answers to all agent candidate questions during the interview process
  • Ways you can make your brokerage as appealing as possible to prospective hires (hint: company culture!)
  • The types of technology and tools you must offer your teams to keep them happy and successful

No two brokerages are exactly alike and, thus, every brokerage’s business practices will undoubtedly vary. Rest assured, though, the advice in this comprehensive guide applies to all Broker/Owners and can help you achieve your branding and bottom line goals — as long as you take the recruitment and retainment counsel featured in the ebook to heart!