The newest edition to our Monthly PR Influencer Pieces focuses on the vacation market that is heating up across Indiana, Minneapolis and Wisconsin. The information sourced for this piece comes from your local market with on-the-ground insights.

There have been several factors shifting the way people are buying and selling in the second home market. Here are the top 5 trends highlighted in this report:

  • Get it while it’s Hot.
  • Location. Location. Location.
  • Family Priorities.
  • Budgets are Big.
  • Is What You’re Looking for Out There?

Provide your buyers some added insight on their local vacation market by sharing these resources. Here are some ideas on how you can use this new monthly report from RE/MAX INTEGRA:

  • Print the reports and provide them to prospective new buyers;
  • Insert portions of the report into your listing presentation;
  • Post the report on your website/blog or link to;
  • Share the report in its entirety or as a link on Facebook;
  • Take the shareable assets (which include data about the vacation home market) and use them in presentations, websites or share  on social media with your network;
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Click below to download a copy of each state-specific Five Hot Trends in the Vacation Home Market from RE/MAX INTEGRA, Midwest:



Also, make sure to download the branded assets below and share with your social networks!


RE/MAX INTEGRA knows the Midwest and knows that you want the tools and information to help increase your business and success. These monthly reports are another tool in your RE/MAX INTEGRA toolbox!