The Internet is an incredibly noisy place, isn’t it? Between everyone sharing their summer plans, political views, and a slight peppering of some hilarious viral videos, you might think that your voice will be heard as well as someone shouting on a stock exchange’s trading floor.

In a way, you’re right. If your contributions to the noise sound like everyone else’s, you will blend in. But what if you can appeal to the needs and preferences of others?

There is a way: VIDEO! From Meerkat to Periscope to Facebook Live, video, particularly live video, has been trending even more than usual lately, and it has been on a steep incline with marketers over the past couple years. Here’s why:

People Like Things That Move
Due to the exponential increase of information flow, people’s eyes are more drawn to things that move, like video, as opposed to static objects, like written words.
Organic Video Gets Picked Up by Facebook
If you’re posting organic videos to Facebook, you have a higher likelihood of beating out the platform’s ever-changing algorithms, which means you’ll actually appear on people’s newsfeeds.
Videos on YouTube Have SEO Value
Make sure that you are hosting videos on YouTube (because it’s a Google product) and then place them on your website.  This will help your SEO efforts and video hits, which will also help your videos’ presence on social media.
Memories are Made in Pictures and Videos
People register memories in pictures and videos, not words. The more others see you, the more they remember.  For the people who aren’t looking to move (the turnover rate in the US is only 5%, which means that 95% of people fit into that group), the best way for you to capture their business in the future is to make a lasting impression!

In terms of content, you don’t need to overthink it – be concise and consistent. Think about what all people want: information and value! If you can create content that is memorable and informational, especially content about your community, people will flock to it. Be sure to keep it short and to the point, as video views usually see a significant drop-off after the 30-second mark. If you are at a loss for what to post, ask your network what they find valuable!