Today we launched the 2016 New England Luxury Coastal Report, revealing solid growth in single-family luxury home sales throughout the second quarter of 2016. In the featured markets of Coastal Maine, Lake Winnipesaukee, Coastal New Hampshire, North Shore, MA, South Shore, MA and Cape Cod, more than two-thirds of the communities are reporting an increase in the volume of single-family homes sold year over year.

The significant growth in the luxury, coastal New England housing marketing can be attributed to a few notable trends. Attracted to the appeal of waterfront views, mild weather, pristine shorelines and bustling retail in these regions, first-time and move-up buyers continue to fuel the overall market. Homebuyers looking to start a family, purchase a vacation home or settle into retirement close to the water are also driving the rising sales. More than 50% of the communities in these markets are reporting an increase in median price.

Provide your buyers some added insight on their local luxury, coastal market by sharing these resources. Here are some ideas on how you can use this new report from RE/MAX INTEGRA:

  • Print the report and provide them to prospective new buyers
  • Insert portions of the report into your listing presentation
  • Post the report on your website/blog or link to the interactive microsite
  • Share the report in its entirety or as a link on Facebook
  • Take the shareable assets (which include data about the featured luxury, coastal markets) and use them in presentations, websites or share  on social media with your network
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Click below to download the report as a PDF and view the interactive microsite:


Also, make sure to download the shareable assets below and publish them on your social media platforms!

Coastal Maine
Coastal ME Stat
Lake Winnipesaukee
Lake Winnipesaukee Stat
Coastal NH
Coastal NH stat
North Shore
North Shore Stat
South Shore
South Shore stat
Cape Cod
Cape Cod Stat

RE/MAX INTEGRA knows New England and we know that you want the resources and information to help increase your business and success. A report such as the 2016 New England Luxury Coastal Report is another tool to add to your RE/MAX INTEGRA toolbox!