When it comes to selling real estate, the luxury home market has its own set of rules. A unique marketing plan is required for each home to make it appeal to buyers who expect a certain lifestyle. In our July Monthly Influencer Report, we explore state-specific luxury home market(ing) trends and strategies to consider when listing a luxury home.

The information sourced for this piece comes from your local market with on-the-ground insights. Some of the most popular trends across the three states are:

  • Drone Photography
  • Immersive Tours
  • Invite Only Open Houses
  • Staging
  • Networks

Provide your current or potential clients some added insight into the latest methods for marketing a luxury property.  Here are some ideas on how you can use this new monthly report from RE/MAX INTEGRA:

  • Print the reports and provide them to prospective new buyers;
  • Insert the report into your listing presentation;
  • Post the report on your website/blog
  • Share the report in its entirety or as a link on Facebook;
  • Take the shareable assets and use them in presentations, websites or share  on social media with your network;
  • Another added benefit to these reports are press coverage! Share with your network RE/MAX in the news! As always, all news coverage is shared with our network on our Facebook page, RE/MAX INTEGRA, Midwest

Click below to download a copy of each state-specific Luxury Home Market(ing) Trends from RE/MAX INTEGRA, Midwest:



Also, make sure to download the branded assets below and share with your social networks!


RE/MAX INTEGRA knows the Midwest and knows that you want the tools and information to help increase your business and success. These monthly reports are another tool in your RE/MAX INTEGRA toolbox!