Listings flying off the shelves? Dealing with multiple offers? In between selling every listing that isn’t nailed down this summer and having some fun by the beach, give yourself a little mental break and start measuring your success! Peter Drucker, renowned educator and author, said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

When it comes to your lead generation and lead conversion, FiveStreet allows for you to measure your activity! It’s very quick and easy to do. Here’s an example:

During the FiveStreet rollout this winter, a RE/MAX INTEGRA trainer was in the field conducting a demo. When talking about the graphs on the front page of FiveStreet, two agents in class shared the results of their findings through tracking their leads. One agent discussed that she had used the graph to monitor the lead conversion stats, and she found that her Zillow leads were outperforming her leads. From there, she decided that she would withdraw her investment in and re-invest it into Zillow. Upon the conclusion of her story, another agent spoke up and shared that she too had paid for Zillow and leads, however, she used the FiveStreet graphs and she had the exact opposite results! It goes to show you that, in this industry, two people can do the exact same things and get completely different outcomes.

Let’s talk more about tracking your leads and lead conversion. Overall, it’s pretty quick and easy. First, here is a variation of what your first page in FiveStreet looks like:


As you can see, everything is color-coded based on the source of the leads and is organized by the part of the process in which they currently are. By default, all leads come in as “new,” and it’s up to you to change them from one column to another, so let’s go through how to do that. First, start off by clicking “Leads” on the top bar.


Then select a lead by clicking on their name and you will see their profile come up. At the upper left-hand side, you should see a little button that says “New.” Just click on that, select the part of the process in which that client is located, and you’re off! Don’t forget to change them as they move throughout the process.


Let us know how these tips help in your journey to measuring your success through your lead generation and conversion!