The summer sun is setting earlier, and that can only mean one thing, fall is on its way! Be sure to take advantage of the great training events happening during the month of September. The RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Team is continuously working on the classes, content, and topics you need to stay current and up to date in your business. Whether it’s a brand new tool, an update to an existing tool, or an interesting new topic no one else is talking about, they have everything you need to take your business to the next level this month.

September Training Events

Live Training

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September 8 – RE/MAX TIME – Rhode Island
September 28 – RE/MAX TIME – Connecticut

In the first half of this session, we’ll cover FiveStreet and Placester, touching on information such as the basic, advanced and hidden features of the platforms, how to better manage your leads, winning lead response tips and best online content to drive website traffic. During the second half of the session, we’ll talk about effective ways to stay in touch with your database, including knowing how to identify topics of value, creating systems to help you stay in touch, learning tools that will streamline your to­-do list and avoiding the pitfalls of “drippy” marketing.



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September 14 – RE/MAX CONNECT – New Hampshire

During this half-day of networking and learning, the RE/MAX INTEGRA, New England Regional Staff will talk about goal setting and following through with your business connections. After that, we’ll chat about how to best utilize your technology resources and our keynote speaker, Nathan Dart of RE/MAX All Pro in Rockville, MD, will share with you the secrets to winning at the listing table. Nathan believes that when you are able to set yourself apart from your competitors during your presentation, you will quickly see the objections and conversations about commission rate fade away.


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RE/MAX RE/CHARGE - October 13


A simple plug in a wall has the power to take something depleted, and restore it to its full potential. It becomes an outlet for greatness. At RE/MAX, we know how important it is to take the time to RE/CHARGE your business.

RE/MAX RE/CHARGE is the power source you need to get energized, educated, and engaged. With distinguished keynote speakers, educational breakout sessions that allow you to choose your path to success, and the opportunity to network with your peers in unique ways, this premier real estate event will allow you to see just how much you can grow with those who know.