For the majority of the year, we dress in layer upon layer in an attempt to stay warm in the frigid temperatures. We watch the leaves change colour, and revel in the beauty of the first snowflakes that fall to the ground. Before long, the days are short, the air is cold, and we pass the days dreaming of the long lazy days of summer.

The simplicity of a day spent at the beach or a BBQ with friends and family is what truly defines summer, but there is one countdown kids and grownups alike look forward to all year long. While your kids may spend their winters itching to pack their bags with bathing suits and summer gear, or keeping in touch with friends they only see when the sun shines warm and bright, they aren’t the only ones who get to look forward to camp. With Camp RE/MAX, you also have something to look forward to, and this year was no exception!

At Camp RE/MAX 2016, we spent 8 weeks at the county fair learning the tips, tricks, and tools you need to run a successful business for the remainder of the year. If you missed camp this year, or simply want to re-live the magic of this unique training event, we have everything you missed below.

SQ Tickets

Week 1

Ticket Booth: Tips, Tricks, Tech

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Want to stay ahead of the trends this summer? We have just the ticket! Join us for Week One of camp where you’ll get the scoop on all the best tech, tools, apps and tips.

SQ Clown

Week 2

Clown: Entertaining & Educating with Visuals

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Looking for some ways to kick your marketing up a notch? In week two of camp, we’ll share some tips for entertaining and educating with visuals, videos and infographics

Colorful blurry firework in night fun fair carnival

Week 3

Fireworks: Working with Difficult People

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Real Estate is a people business, and sometimes personalities can cause a few fireworks. In week three of camp, we’ll tackle ways to better communicate with difficult clients and colleagues.

SQ blue ribbon

Week 4

Blue Ribbon: Winning Farming Strategies

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One of the best ways to generate leads is to consistently work a geographical farm area. In week four of camp, we’ll look at some surefire ways to make your farming efforts blue ribbon worthy!

Ferris Wheel at the county fair with the sky in the background

Week 5

Ferris Wheel: Lead Conversion Marketing

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An important goal of your marketing strategy is to stay top of mind without being annoying. In week five of camp, we’ll share some ideas for creatively staying in touch with your database.

Orange corn maze sign with directional arrow

Week 6

Corn Maze: Tracking all the Tech

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Navigating your way through the latest technology can leave you feeling lost. In week six, we’ll help you pinpoint what you should be tracking, and how to use stats to improve your strategies.

Funnel cake  stand at a fair

Week 7

Funnel Cake: The Sweet Side of Sellers

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Is there anything sweeter than a funnel cake at the fair? In week seven, join us as we explore the sweet side of working with sellers. Tips for better listing presentations will be the icing on top!

Row of bumper cars at a fair

Week 8

Bumper Cars: Tips to Stay Organized

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Summer is winding down and the busy fall season is about to start. In the eighth week of camp, we’ll wrap up with organizational tools and techniques to help keep you feeling a little less bruised.

Thank you all for joining us for another successful year of camp! We look forward to seeing you all again next year as we celebrate the fifth anniversary of Camp RE/MAX! You can also click below to watch all 8 weeks of Camp RE/MAX 2016, and make sure you follow us on Facebook for regular updates leading up to Camp RE/MAX 2017!

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