It seems as though each week Facebook, Twitter and Instagram make announcements about new algorithms that the platforms are utilizing. As an agent looking to get your content in front of clients, it can be frustrating to know your plain text posts are likely not reaching those you had originally hoped to target. However, one thing remains constant, video is a tried and true tool that can be used to cut through the algorithms, placing your post in front of your audience.

September’s App of the Month, Quik, a free video editor from GoPro, is a tool you can use to easily create videos that can be formatted similar to a PowerPoint presentation – equipped with interesting photo transitions, effects, captions, music and filters!

Do you have a brand new listing that you’d like to show off in a fun and interesting way? Here’s how to use Quik to achieve your goal:

  • Next time you are at the property, take out your smartphone and start snapping photos of the exterior and interior.
  • Open up Quik and tap the “Create” button and select the photos you would like to feature in your video.
  • Now, choose your video theme! The Quik app has a variety of themes for your video varying in transition style and design. Some themes are more lighthearted and fun, like “Grammy” and “Dandy,” but others are more professional and sophisticated, such as “Flick” and “Dashing.”
  • To edit your video’s music, click the musical note icon and select “Change This Music.” From here, you have the option to pair your video with a GoPro music styling of your choice.
  • To add captions and titles to your video, click the pencil icon. With this feature, you can add captions to particular photos in your video, delete photos you do not want included, or click the icon in the bottom right hand corner to re-order the photos included in your video.
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 3.59.32 PM

Lastly, to change the duration or format of your video, click the wrench icon and adjust accordingly.

Now you’re ready to use your video to cut through social media’s pesky algorithms and get your content in front of the people you want to view it most – your past, current and future clients!



Check out how our RE/MAX INTEGRA, New England friends used Quik in the video below!