Walkable neighborhoods with built in amenities are on the rise in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Indiana. “Tweeners” are a new generation of buyers, looking for neighborhoods where they can work, play and settle down.  Typically, these are young families, but walkable neighborhoods are also attracting baby boomers.

Tweeners (those considered to be between two recognized categories) are driving a significant portion of the housing market. Like millennials, they like to be in close proximity to where they work and play. But much more similar to the baby boomers, they also want to plant their roots in an area where they plan to stay. They’re often just starting to raise families, yet don’t want to let go of a vibrant community and move into the traditional suburban community.

It’s become almost passé for a baby boomer to migrate to traditional retirement communities and locations known for attracting snowbirds (think Florida and Arizona). The boomers are now doing a 180 and heading straight back in to the urban cities often marked off for the youth. In a 2015 NAR report, they indicated that between July 2013 and June 2014 only 11 percent of buyers age 50-59 closed on homes in urban areas and central cities.

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