As a real estate agent, a listing presentation is one of the most important ways to earn a client’s trust and win more business. There is no one-size-fits-all presentation to give to a home seller, but there are essential elements to keep in mind that will help to put you on the track to success. Below are four tips for a great listing presentation, brought to you by fellow RE/MAX INTEGRA, New England network members.

Ask the right questions to build trust

“Ask the right questions to get the prospect talking about themselves, their motivation, their goals, their foreseen obstacles, and their perceived concerns. This will shift the focus off of you, and put the spotlight on the ‘star of the show,’ the home seller. Asking the right questions will enable you to build rapport and trust, demonstrate your professionalism and experience and lead the prospect through a tailored pitch addressing what is most important to them. When you choreograph your listing presentation in a logical order, using only questions and supporting information to show value and solutions, you will not be reacting to unexpected objections and your presentation will flow with rhythm and positive energy.”

-Guy Glennon, RE/MAX Professionals

Discuss your, or your team’s, “why”

“Ultimately, we see a win-win when we meet with sellers as we share our ‘Why the Andersen Team’ story. Often we are hired just because we do things differently prior to our first meeting with the client. We talk about our overall marketing plan, but close with our successful client testimonials and bring it back to why we are in the business and what we do differently from the competition.”

-Sven Andersen, RE/MAX Leading Edge

Sell yourself honestly

“Sell yourself and your services, not an unrealistic price. This sets the foundation for a successful relationship and establishes trust and expectations with the seller.”

-David Banks, RE/MAX By the Bay

Educate the seller on the market

“The best listing presentation is one where you are prepared to educate your seller on the marketing experience. With a market that’s been strong for the past two years, though challenged by low inventory, pricing a home is not accomplished by past sales alone. It is also important to look at current competition, recent pending sales and how quickly those properties were absorbed. This information is vital in charting a path forward, resulting in a successful transaction for your client.”

-Rich Gardner, RE/MAX North Professionals

There you have it! Keep these five tips in mind when preparing a listing presentation to a home seller, and you will be on track to impress your client, build their trust and complete a smooth and successful transaction.

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