Fall is here, which means we are kicking off a busy events and training season. Be sure to take advantage of the great training events happening during the month of October, especially RE/MAX RE/CHARGE!

The RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Team is continuously working on the classes, content, and topics you need to stay current and up to date in your business. Whether it’s a brand new tool, an update to an existing tool, or an interesting new topic no one else is talking about, they have everything you need to take your business to the next level this month.

October Training Events

Online Training

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October 3 – RI Live: Dealing with Difficult People

Difficult people are all around us in life. In real estate, these people can take the form of clients, other agents and even other industry professionals. It’s how you deal with those people that will determine if you can excel and move forward while maintaining a professional reputation. In this session of RI Live, we will be discussing some great tips and strategies on how to deal with difficult people in a professional manner.


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October 28 – Train the Trainer: Understanding Social

Designed for Broker/Owners, managers and team leaders, these sessions will cover the topics most relevant to you. All sessions are offered live, online via webinar. This event is by invitation only.


Live Training


October 13 – RE/MAX RE/CHARGE

Get ready to be RE/INSPIRED, get RE/ENGAGED, and RE/MASTER your skills, because if there is one thing we know, it’s how to RE/CHARGE your business for the rest of the year. From sharing secrets with our morning keynote to watching sparks fly while debating the hottest topics in real estate, this is known as the premier real estate event of the fall for a reason.

This year at RE/CHARGE we are pleased to offer a “Bring a Buddy” opportunity. Here is how it works:

  • You sign up for RE/CHARGE here: http://rem.ax/2bjmCFM
  • During the registration process, indicate that you are going to bring a licensed agent that is not currently affiliated with RE/MAX (the guest may attend at no cost).
  • Ensure your guest lets you know they are attending, register the individual and remind your guest to check in at RE/CHARGE. After the event, your $59 ticket price will be rebated.
  • Utilizing the “Bring a Buddy” program is a great way to defray the RE/CHARGE ticket cost.



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October 26 – Leveraging Leaders: Team Leaders

Hiring exceptional team members can often be a full time job, but there are ways to make the process worth your while. On Wednesday, October 26, join Leslie McDonnell, a 28-year industry veteran and team leader at RE/MAX Suburban, based outside of Chicago, to learn who and how to hire, how to create effective roles and job descriptions and see for yourself the ads that have made a difference in the hiring process. Leslie will also cover tracking forms, contracts for buyer’s agents and team members and database plans to create role diversity within the team. This session will leave you with actionable plans you’ll be able to use to attract the industry’s top talent! This event is by invitation only.