“If this then that.” This statement may take you back several years to grade school science class, but fear not, these words are merely inspiration for the “IF” app. The free app lets you create powerful connections between your apps with one simple statement – “if this then that,” allowing you to setup “recipes,” or connections, between “Channels.”

For example, you can pair your Instagram app with your Dropbox app so that whenever you post a photo to Instagram, it automatically is added to your Dropbox files. In this instance, Instagram is the “Trigger Channel” and Dropbox is the “Action Channel.”


As a real estate agent, you meet potential new clients all the time, and you are constantly saving people’s information to your Contacts app on your phone. By using IF, you won’t have to search through your Contacts in order to add these new connections to your personal newsletter or your holiday card mailing list. Instead, simply set up a recipe where the Trigger Channel is the Contacts app and the Action Channel is your Google Spreadsheet app. From there, any new information you add to your Contacts app will automatically be synced to your Google Spreadsheet for an easy point of reference at a later date!

Here are some other interesting IF use cases:


Start using IF today to save a bit of time each week, freeing up your calendar to complete the more important tasks on your “to-do” list!