Are you looking to take control and grow your business? In this installment of App of the Month, we’re highlighting an internet based platform, More GCI, that will help take your profitability to the next level.

More GCI is a simple and powerful service designed to keep you focused and on track in order to hold yourself accountable to the earnings goals you set for yourself.

To start out using More GCI, simply type in your desired gross commission income and a custom road map will be generated, indicating exactly what you’ll need to do in order to achieve your goals. At the same time, More GCI tracks your progress, so you can see if you are on your way to achieving your desired gross commission income, or if you have any negative GAPs that needed to be corrected. The app allows you to be more successful by understanding your business numbers and management level.


Some of More GCI’s key features and abilities:

  • Set an income goal
  • Business plan is generated
    • Including
      • # of appointments needed
      • # of contacts that need both warm and cold
      • # of sides needed
      • Production needed
      • Conversion rates
      • Expenses, COG and P and L
      • Follow up, pipeline and under contract info
      • Contract task management
  • All of this tracked and displayed in order for you to better to know exactly where you are at any given time in your business.
  • Also tracks your average sales price and commission info, including average % so you can compare to your goal to see what you are leaving on the board
In addition, when you sign up, you’ll get accountability emails delivered to your inbox each Monday and Wednesday. On Tuesday and Thursday, you’ll receive a business tip and ideas on how you can continue to grow. On Friday, you’ll receive a newsletter with motivational, mindset or business topics and an inspirational video. Lastly, you have the ability to collaborate with your peers in a group dedicated to growth and understanding your business.
With the New Year on the horizon, now is a great time to start planning for a bigger, brighter and better future for yourself as a RE/MAX Associate!


From now until 12/31/16, use the code “Integra50” at check out for a 50% off discount, $9.99 a month, applicable through the first year of service. The first 30 days of using More GCI are always free.