As we get closer and closer to the end of the year, there is no better time to look back on the achievements and milestones you were able to reach throughout the year. There is nothing we like more than celebrating achievements, which is why we are excited to share that the RE/MAX network has now topped 110,000 agents worldwide!

“This milestone confirms that greatness attracts greatness; your talents and achievements have built a brand others want to join”

here-we-grow-again-graphFor over four years RE/MAX has grown each quarter meaning that for 19 quarters in total, we have been growing and crossing more and more milestones off the list. RE/MAX agents not only have the strength of a powerful brand standing behind them, but the tools and resources needed to build a successful business at your fingertips. See below for a few of those resources you can get started using if you haven’t already:

While it is very exciting to see how RE/MAX has grown as an entire network, it is also exciting to celebrate our RE/MAX INTEGRA milestones! RE/MAX INTEGRA North America has grown to over 17,000, making our total number including Europe well over 35,000 agents!

The best part about achieving goals is that you get to set new ones. If this is any indication of what 2017 will bring, we will be the first ones to say let’s continue to work hard, achieve more goals, set new milestones, and grow to be even bigger than we are today!