The New Year is quickly approaching, and now is a great time to look forward to what 2017 has in store for you, your business and the housing market. With that in mind, today we launched the 2017 Market Outlook Report, predicting New England’s continued housing market strength, driven by low interest rates, demand from first-time buyers and a sustained preference for affordable homes close to cities.

First-time buyers and millennials represent a dominating force across New England, as they are rapidly purchasing single-family homes and condos in proximity to cities. Boston, MA, Providence, RI, Portland, ME, Burlington, VT, Hartford, CT and Portsmouth, NH are predicted to see increases in average residential sales price in 2017, illustrating the buyer power of this demographic.


The 2017 Market Outlook Report is launched as an interactive, mobile friendly microsite with state-by-state snapshots. The market data and shareable graphics included in the report are available for download via the microsite, and the Key Takeaway graphics, including those you see below, can be shared directly from the microsite by hovering over the image and selecting your preferred social channel.

How to Use the Report and Its Assets in Your Business

After you download the images, provide your buyers some added insight on their local market by sharing these resources with them in listing presentations or market assessments. Here are some additional ideas on how you can use this new report from RE/MAX INTEGRA:


Insert portions of the report into your listing presentation, all of the Key Takeaway sharables and graphs are available for direct download!

social share

Share parts of the report on social media, which you can do easily by hovering over images and selecting a particular channel.

direct share

Share the report in its entirety or as a link on social media, just click the Facebook and Twitter icons on the right hand side of the microsite.


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