This post is brought to you by interior designer Kerrie Kelly. From cleaning and decluttering to adding some neutral home decor pieces, Kerrie provides plenty of tips to make your client’s space market ready. To see lots of neutral decor options, peruse The Home Depot website.

Selling a home is a daunting task, especially during the holiday season. While many clients will be focused on hosting loved ones, cooking feasts and getting their home decorated in the holiday spirit, now is the time to help your clients prepare their home so it can sell in a flash. Whether it’s boosting curb appeal or introducing more neutral tones into the space, staging a home during the holidays is all about creating a warm, clean and inviting space that will leave any potential buyer begging for a second look. Let’s dive into a few tricks of the design trade that will help any home sell faster during the holiday season.

Boost Curb Appeal

Boosting curb appeal is common advice for home sellers for a reason. Oftentimes, potential buyers decide on a home before stepping through the door, often driving by first to see if it’s even worth a look inside. Upping the exterior of your client’s home can reap big benefits and make the home look like it’s worth far more than the asking price. Clean up walkways and siding, wash windows and make sure railings and walls are in good condition. Trim bushes and mow the lawn. If the yard is patchy, consider reseeding for a major landscape boost. Go a step further by adding a festive touch with a welcoming wreath and some holiday potted plants. It’s amazing how a few small additions can go the extra mile in making your client’s’ home a must-see during the holidays.


No buyer wants to step into a home and feel like they’re invading someone’s personal space. While many of us don’t think twice about the items in our house, it’s crucial for your clients to eliminate every ounce of clutter. This can be one of the most difficult tricks to selling a home during the holidays, especially with incoming presents and ever-changing decor, but de-cluttering closets, cupboards, surfaces and floors give buyers more perceived space in their eyes. While your clients may be in love with their vibrant, boho-chic gallery wall or a cluttered frame collection on the master dresser, many buyers may not be. Don’t go crazy with holiday decorations and outlandish themes. Now is the time to appeal to the masses and rein in your client’s personal style for the sake of selling their home quickly.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Just like you’d dress your best for a special event or a holiday soiree, your client’s home should have its best foot forward for prospective buyers. Make sure every space sparkles, as a clean space will make the home feel new instead of weathered or worn. Thoroughly clean the big-ticket items, like kitchen counters, bathroom grout and windows, that are major selling points for potential buyers. Though the winter weather can make it difficult, keep floors and carpet in tip-top shape. The last thing buyers want to see is muddy carpet or dirty tile.

Stay Sophisticated and Neutral

Holiday decor adds a wonderful touch of festivity to any space. While it’s tempting for clients to engulf their space with every bold holiday color and theme around, now is not the time to experiment with eye-catching decor. Stick to sophisticated neutral tones for a crowd-friendly palette. However, this doesn’t mean everything needs to go down the all-white route. Instead, have your clients consider rich tones of mauve, grey, cream and cognac. You can even still tie in fantastic holiday decor. Some favorites? Delicate candles, twinkling lights, crisp linen and shiny metallic accents tie in beautifully with natural accents like branches, berries and greenery for that perfect balance between neutral and welcoming.