Each year we make resolutions to better ourselves; whether it be eating healthier or meeting new people, the New Year encourages a season of change. In 2017, stick to your resolution and kick off the New Year by being organized and productive with Timepage, the featured App of the Month.

Timepage is a smart calendar that seamlessly integrates into your existing events with weather forecasts, maps, contacts and other platforms to provide you with a smooth and stress-free day.

The app displays your calendar as a continuous timeline and breaks down your schedule to easily show where you have free time available and where your next client meeting is located. Additionally, Timepage takes appointments from your already-existing calendars, or appointments can be made directly in the app. By using Google Places and your contacts list, the app puts map locations and contact follow-up reminders on one easy-to-use dashboard.

Timepage features a smart notification system to keep track of your schedule so that you can focus on other tasks for the day, here are just a few highlights:

Daily Briefings

Summaries provided each morning including your schedule for the day, where you have to be first and what weather to expect.

When to Leave

Down-to-the-minute timelines that let you know when exactly you need to leave your current location, and by what mode of transportation, to ensure you arrive at your destination on-time.



In addition to leaving on-time, Timepage provides weather summaries and notifies you if a snow storm, severe weather or a rain shower is on its way and has the potential to impact your travel to your destination.

Whether you have a hard time keeping track of your busy schedule, find yourself arriving late, or just need a new way to stay organized, give Timepage a try and stick to your resolution for 2017.