With so many events and learning opportunities coming up, there is no better time to focus on education and how you can make the most of the things you learn for your business. When you’re sitting in the audience of a training session and hear the whispers and murmurs of brainstormed ideas floating around, it’s easy to get caught in a few daydreams of your own. However, once you leave, the only way to turn the dreams into a reality is to take clear notes, and create actionable takeaways.

Thankfully, this month’s App of the Month is here to help! We are big fans of Evernote (check out November’s App of the Month!) but OneNote is another great option to help keep track of notes and takeaways so you can easily leverage them in your business. Here are some features to help you pick the app that works best for you:

  • Whether you prefer to type your notes, handwrite them, or learn visually through drawings, OneNote has you covered. Handwritten notes will automatically be synched to typed notes so you no longer have to worry about your handwriting skills!
  • In the OneNote app, you have access to five widgets and a three-shortcut toolbar that will allow you to see your recently viewed notes, shortcuts to create audio, text, and photo notes.
  • Are you working in a team, or would like to share your notes with your assistant? You can share your notes and updates will synch wherever you are.
  • When drawing shapes such as a box, OneNote will help turn your drawing into a perfectly formed shape keeping your notes clean and organized.
  • If you have an Apple Watch, you can easily create new notes with the touch of a button on your watch!

Still Not Convinced? Watch This!

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