The paperwork is signed and all your hard work is finally coming to an end, but what should you do next? It’s in the days immediately after the sale where you can really shine, build on your success, and work towards the next sale.

Introducing Digital Welcome Mats, a fun new tool to congratulate homebuyers and engage your social media audience. For new buyers, closing gifts are an important touch and put an emphasis on your appreciation for their business and trust in you.

Creating a connection with your clients after the sale is an important part of growing your business, and a personalized welcome mat is the perfect way to find an in to new opportunities.


  • Posting a welcome mat on your clients’ social media will help gain access to their social circle and is a good way to find potential clients
  • Send a welcome mat as a text, this sweetens the deal and they are more likely to spread the good news about their experience working with you – creating referrals
  • Include a personalized welcome in your follow-up marketing scheme and in an email, welcome the opportunity to leave a testimonial – positive testimonials attract prospects

Now go ahead and make a doormat, it’s easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click “Make a Welcome Mat”
  2. Select a doormat style and greeting from several options
  3. Personalize the mat by adding your homebuyer’s name
  4. Add your name and your office name as a signature at the bottom
  5. Save the image and share it via email, text or social media
  6. When sharing to social, make sure to tag @remax and #WelcomeHome

Here’s a sneak-peak of some example Welcome Mats!

welcome-mat (2)
welcome-mat (3)
welcome-mat (1)