Did you ever imagine technology would advance so far that we’d be able to program thermostats to “learn” our temperature setting behavior and have the ability to close our garage doors from the office?

These functions describe some of the features available in one of the hottest new trends in real estate technology, smart homes! Before you begin thinking this information has no use for you in the industry, you should know a recent survey revealed:

86% of millennials are willing to spend more money to rent a place with smart home technology already implemented. If they’re willing to spend more on rent, it stands to reason they’re willing to spend more for a home purchase (Inman).

In other words, that’s a high percentage of people willing to fork out extra dough for a technologically savvy home.

Still don’t know what makes a home, a smart home? Here are some features you’ll want to point out the next time you’re touring a potential buyer – it might close the deal!

Smart Home Technology Advantages

Control Security Remotely
Unlock and lock the doors from the office, while at an appointment, no matter where you are, if it’s a smart home it’ll have equipment and technology installed to help homebuyers feel safe.
Wireless Appliance Options
It’s easy to assume anyone would enjoy being able to turn the coffee pot, and any other appliance for that matter, on from bed, including your lighting fixtures! That’s a smart home advantage!
Blanket Wi-Fi
No more hardwiring, if the listing says “wireless,” you’re dealing with a smart home aspect!
Environmentally Conscious Appliances
Some people love smart home technology – like programmable thermostats; they learn your temperature setting behavior so it’ll help save energy when you’re not using it!