We all know how popular video has become, especially on social media. Of the videos that you see on Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter, most are being used to support advertising efforts, accompany event promotions, and increase sales.

If you’ve logged onto Facebook recently, you’ll notice you’ve automatically been opted-in to their new video feature, auto-play. This means that videos will play automatically while scrolling through your newsfeed – you don’t have to click a thing!

However, the majority of videos that auto-play will automatically be muted, creating a need for video closed captioning. With that, we are excited to share our App of the Month! Keep reading to learn about the latest from Apple, in the form of the app “Clips.”

“Clips” uses facial recognition to identify the people in your videos, and then suggests you share your video with the recognized individuals. What really sets this app apart from its competitors is its Live Titles feature; which analyzes spoken words and turns that speech into on-screen text. Clips also synchronizes the text to the pace of the speaker, making video editing easier than ever.

To make a long story – short, Clips is your solution to delivering more desirable videos (that people will understand and want to finish watching)! Here’s why:

  • Text-on-screen has become a must-have for anyone who wants their social videos to be seen. People are consuming more video content than ever and you can easily annotate your videos by using captions.
  • There are many options when it comes to editing videos including different typefaces and presentation formats.
  • You can manually edit captions with punctuation and emojis.
  • At its most basic level, Live Titles’ job is to listen attentively and spit out precisely timed subtitles in one of 36 languages.

Try this easy to use tool out today and see how much more social media engagement your videos garner!

Watch this video to help you learn how to start using Clips!

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Download it today, available on the App Store and Google Play!

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