Day in and day out, you engage in conversation with prospective buyers, answer questions on the stages of buying a home, and organize your day around the schedule of your busy clients. You love your job, but when you hear “we’re not financially ready” or “we found someone else who has more knowledge of the neighborhood we are interested in” it is difficult to not get discouraged.

The good news is, there are resources out there to not only help you avoid situations like the ones above, but help you keep your spirits high so you can focus your attention where it really matters – on your clients. With that, we are pleased to share RE/MAX LLC’S First Flight Pinterest Launchpad.

What is the First Flight Launchpad?

RE/MAX saw that there was plenty of information available on the home buying and selling process, but there was not a guide that harnessed the power of real agents with years of experience. The solution? They made it themselves.

There are four Pinterest different boards, each focused on a different topic relevant to prospective buyers and sellers. The first issue, thinking of buying a home, is now live and starting the process, the middle of the process, and settling in boards will soon follow.

How Can it Be Used?

Despite what you may think, Pinterest can function with purposes outside of sharing recipes, providing décor tips and creative renovation ideas. Whether you use it as a content resource to curate your social media platforms or to help you organize your favorite articles and resources, the First Flight boards are the perfect places to start:

  • If you are not on Pinterest, you can easily learn more about it and set up your account by clicking here!
  • Once it is setup, you can easily share the entire board with all of your followers.
  • If you don’t want to share the entire board, no worries! Find an article you enjoy, and pin it to your own board.
  • Lastly, if you would like to share the board on your other social media channels, simple copy and paste this link into your post.

How to Create Your Own Buyers Guide on Pinterest

  1. Create a designated ‘board’ for your customers and clients.
  2. Begin sourcing helpful articles that you think your audience will benefit from reading and group them into themes.
  3. Depending on your audience or your display preference, you may want to include pictures, quotes and other creative resources that will attract and inform your audience. You have lots of options in how you want your board to look and what you want it to say.
  4. If you need content to fill up your board, consider using your own website information or even blog content on!