Public relations, or PR, as defined by the Public Relations Society of America, is influencing, engaging and building a relationship with key stakeholders (generally the media) across a myriad of platforms in order to shape and frame the public perception of an organization.  To be clear, PR is not advertising. Advertising is the act of calling the public’s attention to something, especially by paid announcements.  PR is is viewed by consumers as more credible, valuable, and newsworthy, because the message is coming from an outside news source, and not a paid advertiser.

The goal of public relations is to:

  • Generate increased visibility among prospective agents/clients and colleagues
  • Attract more listings and increase referrals
  • Enhance recruiting efforts
  • Position you as authority in the market
  • Maintain brand awareness
  • Increase traffic to website
  • Provide credibility as go-to real estate expert

The two main tools of public relations are the news release and the pitch.

News Release – a formal method of telling multiple reporters at multiple news outlets the same news or information.

News Pitch – an informal, and more personal, way of sharing a story idea to a specific reporter, often by email or phone call.

If you are interested in sharing a newsworthy story or announcement with your local media outlets, check out some additional collateral and resources:

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If you have questions regarding public relations and press releases or need local media contacts, please reach out to your regional Public Relations Manager:

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