From handwriting to typewriters, to the most advanced document creation solutions, there is no doubt that technology has changed over the years. With the advancement of mobile devices alone, creating content on the go has become easier than ever, and as a real estate agent, adapting to the emerging software, apps and technology is imperative to your success.

Today we’re talking about Google Drive, the safe place for all of your files! Google Drive is a safe and secure place to create, edit, and store your important documents, photos, marketing materials, listing presentations and more! It allows for easy document creation and Google Drive files are encrypted with the same security used on Gmail, keeping all your documents safe and secure.

Below are a few ways how you can use Google Drive to improve your business functionality and create a better customer experience for your clients.

  1. Google Drive syncs your documents across all devices, automatically accessible by any device.
  • This feature makes it easier for clients to sign documents from their phone, laptop and by any means, that’s most accessible. Utilizing this feature also allows clients to view things you share with them and leave comments!
  1. Never lose a document, again!
  • Another great Google Drive feature is auto-save. If you’ve ever had that moment of panic when you realize you didn’t hit save before your computer crashed or the power went out and you realize it has been a while since you last hit “save”, you will understand the brilliance behind this feature. While working in Google Drive, all of your changes are saved automatically to make sure you never lose your work. Drive even saves previous versions of your documents so that if you accidentally overwrite an important document or delete something that you later realize you need, you can easily get it back under the “All changes saved in Drive” button. You can also see who made changes to your documents and when, so you can tell exactly when your partner or client made the updates they may have mentioned.
  1. Create a folder for each transaction you make and share access with certain people involved in the transaction.
  • These people can range from the clients, to the home inspector, to a lawyer or even the mortgage broker involved. Everyone can have access to all of the documents pertaining to the deal, or to any documents you would like to grant them access to. If there are some files that you don’t want to share with certain people, such as notes or documents that are related to the transaction but not of interest or necessary to that person(s), all you have to do is create a sub-folder inside the main transaction folder, perhaps named Client Documents, and you place all that you want to share into that folder. After a deal closes, simply email the client(s) and let them know that they should make sure that they download all documents from this folder unless they’ve already stored them somewhere else.

To summarize, using Google Drive will help keep you organized, creating a simpler, smoother customer experience for your clients!