Today we launched the New England Luxury Market Report, layered with market data and insights from Broker/Owners, this resource provides a comprehensive overview of the buying and selling trends in the luxury home market and what we can expect to see throughout the remainder of the year.

Shifting demographic profiles and homebuyer needs over the past 24 months have had a profound impact on the New England luxury real estate market. While such changes have led some areas to experience little or stagnant growth in single-family luxury homes sold, data from the last and previous 12 months suggest that, by and large, the New England luxury real estate is continuing to attract prospective buyers at a rapid rate.

Click below to download the PDF report:


Also, make sure to download the shareable assets below and publish them on your social media platforms, blogs or utilize them in a listing presentation

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How to Use the Report in Your Business

Provide your buyers some added insight on their local luxury market by sharing these resources. Here are some ideas on how you can use this new report from RE/MAX INTEGRA:

  • Print the report and provide them to prospective new buyers
  • Insert portions of the report into your listing presentation
  • Post the report on your website/blog
  • Share the report in its entirety or as a link on Facebook:
  • Take the shareable assets (which include data about the featured luxury markets) and use them in presentations, websites or share  on social media with your network
  • Another added benefit to these reports is press coverage! Let your network know that RE/MAX is in the news! As always, all news coverage is shared with our network on our Facebook page, RE/MAX INTEGRA, New England (make sure you “like” it!)

RE/MAX INTEGRA knows New England and we know that you want the resources and information to help increase your business and success. A report such as the New England Luxury Market Report is another tool to add to your RE/MAX INTEGRA toolbox!