August is the sixth annual “RE/MAX Month of Miracles,” a celebration of the RE/MAX partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It’s a time to re-engage with your local CMN Hospital and raise funds and awareness for this important cause. And this year marks an important milestone for RE/MAX – 25 years supporting CMN Hospitals!

Here at RE/MAX INTEGRA, Midwest, we will feature miracle children from across our Region throughout the month. The stories we will share represent thousands of children whose lives have been impacted by our local CMN Hospitals and contributions from RE/MAX associates. Watch and the Resource Roundup for their stories.

To kick off Month of Miracles, watch our video below then check out some ways that you can integrate your efforts into your everyday business through, social media and more!

Become a Miracle Home Associate: In 2016 RE/MAX INTEGRA, Midwest contributed over $600,000 to our CMN Hospitals. The bulk of these funds came directly from our generous RE/MAX Agents who made a per-transaction donation as part of the Miracle Home Program. Join your colleagues by making the commitment today! Just complete the online pledge form, and we will notify your office administrator to begin deductions.

Become a Miracle Home Associate

Learn more about the partnership: Whether you’re just starting to explore how you can support CMN Hospitals through your per-transaction donations, or you’ve been doing it for years, the Miracle System is your one-stop-shop for information, instructional videos and marketing resources. Visit the resources tab at

Access Month of Miracles Resources

Request Your Honor Cards: For those giving at the $25 per transaction level, the Client Honor Card is a wonderful way to notify your clients of your contribution after the closing.  If you have made eligible contributions on behalf of your closings in 2017, and have not requested Client Honor Cards* through the Miracle System, now is the perfect time to have them sent!

*CMN Honor Cards must be requested online by you, or a staff person in your office, through the Miracle System. Check with your Office Administrator if you are not certain of the Honor Card request process in your office. For technical assistance with the Miracle System, contact eCare at

Share Your Miracle Story: What motivates you to give? What was the turning point for you in your decision to support CMN Hospitals through your RE/MAX business? Submit your story now. How do you plan to celebrate Month of Miracles? Be sure to use the hashtag #REMAX4Kids on social media to share your ideas, photos and celebrations!

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