We know that one of the largest problems you’re facing today as real estate agents is extremely low listing inventory.  As we began planning for our RE/CHARGE event, a lot of our focus in selecting speakers was to help you combat this challenge.  When you attend RE/CHARGE this fall, you will find many of our sessions will teach you how to secure listings through:

  • Unique prospecting methods
  • Value-build with potential sellers
  • Leveraging tools, technology, and systems

Check out our guest speakers below and join us at RE/CHARGE.  We promise you will walk away with executable ideas to use in the market to grow your business and make your job easier!


How to Create Instant Inventory

Joe Niego will provide strategies and tools to help you create inventory in your market, from awakening dormant sellers to duplicating every listing in the neighborhoods you serve. Joe understands it can get frustrating out there, so he’s developed tips to help reignite your love of the business. By the end of the presentation, you’ll be motivated to apply what you learned in your market. When followed, the system will help you produce more listings each month for your business.


How to Become the Greatest Salesperson in the World

Verl Workman follows Og Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman in the World” philosophy and masterfully applies the 10 scrolls into real estate today. Discover how you can develop greater relationships, persist until you succeed, and generate more business by following a combination of the ancient scrolls and today’s systems and technology. This is fast-paced, action-packed, and full of real information you can use today to grow your real estate business.

Joe and Verl aren’t the only industry experts speaking at RE/CHARGE this year. Check out the list below and follow the link to learn more about them and their inventory-inducing topics!

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