It’s hard to believe, but the highly anticipated brand refresh is finally upon us – what an exciting time to be with RE/MAX! We know great brands evolve, and this evolution is truly a testament to our great legacy, while propelling us forward in more modern direction that is truly designed for the home buyers, sellers and real estate professionals of today, and tomorrow.

But, did you know how the brand evolution came to be? 

Consumer testing indicates the need to refresh the branding or risk becoming perceived by most people as “outdated” and behind the times. With the goal of attracting consumers to the brand and addressing surveys that revealed consumers were ready for RE/MAX to have a new look, the refresh initiative began a year and a half ago at the direction of Dave Liniger. The process involved testing the preferences of over 20,000 consumers, which factored into (1) the decision to move forward with the refresh and (2) the final designs. To put that number into perspective, a sampling one-tenth as large provides legal substantiation for many advertising claims.

So what did consumers have to say? 

Slightly more than half (53%) called the RE/MAX wordmark “dated.” Even more (64%) called the balloon logo (which, of course, includes the wordmark) “dated.” The underlying sentiment was: “I love the brand, but maybe the branding isn’t as modern and fresh as it could be.” That feedback creates urgency in addressing this potential problem before it begins to have a negative impact.

The strength of the brand is what makes the refresh so powerful. RE/MAX has the #1 brand in real estate and enjoys industry-leading metrics in awareness, familiarity, consideration and likeliness of being recommended. This move is being made proactively from a position of strength – taking something great and making it even stronger.  That strength can be seen in the new family of brands, designed for and driven by the needs and wants of today’s home buyers and sellers.

We know that refreshing a brand does not come without challenges, and we as a region are committed to being a partner with you in this exciting journey. We have created some incentive-based programs outlined below, which we hope you will take advantage of.

The Agent Yard Sign Promotion:

We realize this a significant change for all. The yard signs are the most visible and direct extension of our brand and now there are more sign designs to choose from than ever before! As a result, the region would like for each agent to experience the refreshed yard signs first hand…so the first one is on us! This promotion will end March 31, 2018.

Through the Brand Refresh tile on RE/MAX Launchpad, agents will click on the Yard Sign Program and be directed to a portal that features significant discounts of 20-50% per sign from Dee Sign Company and Build A Sign. On this page, they will also have a unique coupon code that will cover the cost of one standard aluminum sign.

In addition to the incentives, we have also created a suite of resources that you can begin using in your business now:

For access to the logo files, marketing materials from LLC and our incentive programs, visit the “Brand Refresh” tile on RE/MAX Launchpad.


This is a truly exciting time for our great brand. Each and every one of you are a testament to the brand we are, have always been and will continue to be in new ways as we look to the future. Thank you for joining us on this journey and for being true leaders in this brand refresh!