Something we hear at the Regional Office often is that we send brokers and agents too many emails. We do make an effort to minimize the number of emails, and before we hit send, we make sure it’s worth you opening.

The truth is we don’t send that many emails, but our “Approved Suppliers” do. Their subject lines often contain the word “RE/MAX” and/or “Approved Supplier” and many of us at the Regional Office get these emails too. Something that many of us have found helpful is by having emails that contain “Approved Supplier” go into a separate folder – that way they don’t clutter your inbox.

To accomplish this and organize your inbox and flow of emails, all you have to do is create a label and then a filter! It’s easy to do and most email systems like Hotmail and Gmail have something like this. To learn how you can set up an email filter in Gmail, click the play button below!



You don’t have to stop there and only make a label for Approved Suppliers. How else can you use this tip in your business? Well, you can create labels for people that you communicate with most, such as Buyers/Sellers, Inspectors, Mortgage Contacts, and the list goes on!

Get organizing, clear your inbox, and prioritize your emails using this quick easy tip.


BONUS: If you think you are missing our emails (and trust us, you don’t want to!), make sure you check your spam filters. Most of our emails are sent from