The countdown to RE/CHARGE begins, as we’re officially 2-3 weeks away from the conference of the year! All of us here at the regional office have stepped up our game to ensure this event is extraordinary!  Our events team is working is working like mad, from printing agent hand-outs to confirming vendor details (PS. we’ll be handing out tons of free RE/MAX branded goodies), to making sure we have enough food, snacks, and drinks to comfort the “hangry!”

While we ensure RE/CHARGE is an absolute success and finalize the last details, we wanted to share two videos from a coule of our RE/CHARGE speakers who’ll be joining us this October!

Gerald Clerx

Attend Gerald’s Win/Win Negotiation Skills Learning Lab to learn how you can handle stress and resolve some of life’s pressures through a four-step resolution model!

Watch and hear Gerald talk about some of the workshop deliverables you’ll experience, including learning about the 5 reasons why client engagement experiences fail and how to prevent them!



Jesse Peters

Attend Jesse’s Mobile Video Workshop to learn how you can give your clients’ home the best opportunity to be seen, showcased and sold – all by utilizing the power of video and social media!

Watch to see how excited Jesse is about RE/CHARGE!



Register for RE/CHARGE and learn how you can make this fall, a season we all know to be busy – a very successful one! From tips to tricks, to possibly even meeting your next team member, there’s going to be something you gain if you attend!