It is competitive to acquire a listing today. You are often up against two, three, or more other agents. What makes it even more challenging is that all agents, regardless of brand, go into these appointments with virtually and literally the same materials and information such as market reports and CMAs. So, how do you stand out? How do you prove your worth not only as a neighborhood expert but truly the professional to get the job done?

Stand Out Before a Listing Presentation

It begins with RE/MAX! That’s right, our red, white, and blue pride should be on display in a big way. Most of you are able to get the appointment just by association to the world’s number one real estate organization, but are you really featuring all the benefits and value that RE/MAX can bring to a seller?  How can you use the RE/MAX brand to benefit your business? Here’s one of the many ways how!

  • Add a screenshot or two from into your listing presentation to show your prospects their potential reach.

With over 115,000 agents worldwide and a presence in 100 countries, at any given time, an agent overseas can send a referral to an agent here. When you are up against an agent from an independent or local brand, you will be sure to impress.

During the pre-listing phase, how are you preparing your clients for your meeting? Do you just show up with your presentation and hope for the best? Hopefully not. That is what your competitors often do, but you’re a RE/MAX associate and need to stand out and impress. Utilize technology tools available to launch your relationship and show relevance.


  • Send a formal calendar invitation to your clients! Google calendar will help them add the appointment to their own schedule, send a reminder notification, and keep them on track. They are used to this in their jobs in most cases and could not function without their digital calendar.
  • What do you do to get them excited about the time you will be there? Do you send anything in advance like a report or a link to one? You can be memorable and unique with a BombBomb video email with you saying hello, mentioning the market report, and showing your “human” side. It is that simple! It helps your prospect get an idea of what to expect when listing with you and that you are creative with marketing. Mention the whole family on the video and how you are looking forward to meeting them all.

Stand Out During a Listing Presentation

Speaking of video, what are you doing with videos? If you aren’t doing listing videos, you are already a few years behind in the industry. Take the steps to either learn how to do good videos for your listings or outsource it. Challenge yourself to go beyond the typical “slideshow video” and graduate to an actual “walk-through” video. You can also call upon vendors like Matterport to assist and provide an incredible 3D experience in viewing listings. Once you begin this process, you can feature a video in your listing presentation or send a link ahead of time to your clients.

Open houses can be debated passionately on either side of “they don’t work” or “I love them and they help get me more leads.” Whatever your position is, if your seller wants one, then you will be doing at least one. It is time to take things to the next level. How are you promoting it in advance? Think about posting a “sneak” preview walk through video to build excitement. You can also try some of the apps out there like PicPlayPost. This app will take all your listing photos and create a collage of moving images and its much more interesting that a typical slideshow. You can also add a video or GIF to the collage so there is a combination of both. Your projects can be shared directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Other ideas out there for Open Houses include having a food truck present on the street to get the neighborhood involved. You can extend an exclusive invitation to the neighbors for a special “viewing” hour 2 hours before the actual Open House. This can bring you future seller leads and get them involved. Be sure to mention these ideas to your prospects so they know you can think outside of the normal efforts.

Stand Out After a Listing Presentation

Finally, be prepared to face objections head-on. The most common one they will bring up is your commission. Your job is to educate them on how you are paid and dispel the myth that you get all 6% as most of the general public thinks. When this objection arises it is because you have not had the opportunity to build value in their eyes. Ask permission to take 30-45 minutes to prove to them that not only are you worth the full commission but how you operate your business and invest a lot of your own resources. Begin and end your presentation with your story of how you take full advantage of the power of RE/MAX!

There are many ways for you to stand out when marketing for listings. Invest your time and energy into adopting new and creative methods such as video messaging, apps, and breathe new life into your Open Houses. You will enjoy the journey as much as your clients! Best wishes for a fantastic fall!

The blog post above has been written by Midwest Training Specialist Michelle Hoyt:
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Michelle Hoyt
Learning and Development Specialist
RE/MAX Integra, Midwest Region