We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit – Aristotle

Fall is the time to plant the seeds for spring listings. What will you do today to get listings next spring?

I was just at a grand opening for a new RE/MAX office and I had the pleasure of talking with a brand new agent. This new agent has been beyond successful in her first year closing over 40 transactions and double-siding at least 5 of them. I immediately asked her,

how can you be new and close 40 transactions and even double side a number of them?

She said she just loves helping people, and when buyers wanted homes in certain areas and there was nothing on the market, she door knocked. Her approach was so simple. She would knock on a door, introduce herself and then ask if they knew of any of their neighbours that wanted to sell. Most of the time people say NO, but a number of times they would say they would consider selling. What a concept, easy, genuine and really pulls at the strings of the people she’s in front of.

There is a closing principle in sales that’s called a “take away close.” The take away close is pretty simple, and this agent executes it perfectly. She immediately took the opportunity away from the person she is talking to by asking if they know if any of THEIR neighbours wanted to sell. The fear of loss happens when she mentions that she has a pre-approved buyer. Could this be their buyer? They are fearful that they could lose out on a buyer for their home.

I’m not advocating that every agent go out door knocking and use this technique, I nearly am highlighting it as another way to getting leads and growing your business.

No one told her about how much rejection she would face or how hard it would be or that it wouldn’t work, she just did it! I asked her why she was so successful? Her response, “faith and the good lord above.” I don’t want to take this into a religious talk, but rather a confidence talk.

Our confidence gets beat up every day. By our own minds, other agents and hurtful rejection we face as salespeople. So how can you get enough confidence to close 40 transactions and double side 1/8 of them? To be honest, it’s already in you.

You have confidence!

  • You had the confidence to get to Real Estate School
  • To pass your license exam
  • To go to interview brokerages
  • To put your picture on your business card, and to post to the world on social media that you are now in the real estate business

You did that! You took the step to get where you are today and your confidence drove you there.

So now what do you do? Action, you take action! Take action and start lining up listings for 2018. Take action and call upon the people who you represented years ago, closed and haven’t talked to since. Have the confidence to figure out how to do ads on Facebook. Have the confidence to call anyone, knock on any door and open more doors for yourself than you have ever imagined. This agent had confidence. Do you? I know you do!

This post was written by Midwest Region Training Specialist Nate Ryan.

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Nate Ryan
Learning and Development Specialist
RE/MAX INTEGRA, Midwest Region