On any given day, you take on a multitude of roles that take you beyond the “call of duty” as a real estate agent. As you read this, you are probably nodding in agreement. Some days, you wonder to yourself how you do it all!

It’s not just your clients that ask a lot of you, it’s also your preferred partners, your Broker, office staff, your children’s’ teachers, your networking group, and most importantly, your spouse/significant other and children. Let’s explore a few of the most common requests you get and some tips on how to perform like a pro and keep your sanity at the same time.

You are supposed to be a walking “Google.” Your clients ask you things like:

  • “How much does it cost to remodel a basement?”
  • “When should a water heater be replaced?”
  • “What is the permitting process like to do a room addition?”
  • “What is the typical electric bill?”
  • “Where is the nearest Italian restaurant?”
  • “Where is the nearest gas station?”

…and many more like that. You can save yourself a lot of time and research by knowing some of the best apps or services out there to recommend to clients such as Around Me which showcases everything nearby in categories like restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, hospitals, coffee shops, and even Bank/ATM locations. When they want to know costs of home improvements, tell them about Home Advisor or Thumbtack. Thumbtack is an extremely robust and comprehensive site and app that will connect anyone with just about any service needed, from work on your home to personal training to even web and graphic design. These platforms are there to bring the experts face to face with consumers.

Keeping your clients on track is one of your biggest challenges. So managing time is a necessity in your role and there are plenty of apps to assist. But, one very simple, FREE, and effective tool is to just utilize Google Calendar. When you make an appointment to meet a client for any reason or even for their closing, incorporate a Google calendar invitation on every milestone of their journey. Add a reminder notification for 30-60 minutes and then send it to them. Tell them ahead of time to expect it. Many of your clients work in environments that rely heavily on scheduling meetings through e-calendars such as Outlook, iCalendar and Google. They are used to it and will appreciate your professionalism and organization.

For most people, their lives revolve around their children. You have often been asked about Day Care facilities, haven’t you? As you know not to recommend anyone too specific for liability reasons, you can refer them to the sites such as Care.com for BOTH child care providers and sitters. It is a one-stop shop!

Moving is one of the biggest jobs and can be one of the most stressful parts of the home buying process. It can also be very expensive and it is overwhelming how many options are out there. Move.com offers the ability for a consumer to search for ALL moving companies on one portal, and even offers rental searches in the event your client needs to find temporary housing prior to taking possession of their new home.

There are many other “asks” you encounter as a real estate agent and hopefully the tips and apps provided above will help save you a little bit more time. While there is no way to anticipate the questions your clients may ask you, you can never be over prepared to know where to refer them. You already have enough on your daily agenda to focus on, and knowing these types of resources will only make you appear even more awesome and current to your clients!

Download some of the apps mentioned above!

  • AroundMe allows you to quickly find out information about your surroundings.

Download AroundMe iOS

  • When you need to hire someone – a landscaper, a DJ, anyone, Thumbtack finds them for free!

Download Thumbtack iOS

Download Thumbtack Android

This post was written by Midwest Region Training Specialist Michelle Hoyt!
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Michelle Hoyt

Learning and Development Specialist

RE/MAX Integra, Midwest Region