It’s time to bundle up and prepare for winter! To help you get ahead of the holiday season, we’ve sourced some cuddly, winter symbolic images that’ll make a bland post:

  • More Fun
  • Visual
  • Eye-catching
  • And Meaningful

You can either download the whole album by clicking the button below and then schedule each post in advance to maintain an active presence on social or you can scroll through to find your favorites, click “Save Image As…” and send them to clients privately.

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Untitled design (63)
Happy Holidays


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More and more of you are catching on to the importance of using these seasonal images and have even begun to request particular cover photos by commenting on our Branded Social Cover Photos album on Facebook, and we want that to continue!

Engage with prospects, catch a homebuyer’s eye, and show your appreciation for past client referrals by posting one of the winter seasonal images now!

For even more social image options, check out LLC’s designs by clicking HERE or go to Mainstreet > Marketing > Social Networking!


Happy Holidays Everyone!